Beware iJango

I normally don’t warn people about what should be obvious scams, but our neighborhood has been hit hard with “iJango! iJango! iJango!”. Basically, it’s another multi-level marketing scam.

If you get queried by friends or family, visit one of the various iJango sites then take a look at this article that exposes one of the main people behind this scheme. Make sure you visit a couple other sites on both sides before making any decision.

From what I see in the compensation plan, this isn’t even the typical pyramid scheme. To make money, you have to generate 3 leads. So instead of the typical 2*n growth curve, you need to see a 3*n curve. To get your original $150 back, you need to sign up 21 people (assuming a 1 level deep return).

Google “pyramid scheme” and ijango. Grain of salt….

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